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"Planning is critical to a successful retirement."

Retirement Planning


Planning is critical to a successful retirement. The process towards financial independence begins with the identification of your goals and objectives and then assessing the amount and sources of the cash flow you will need. Is your investment portfolio (whether it is a mix of marketable securities, real estate properties, or privately owned businesses) able to produce that desired cash flow?

We look for opportunities to increase your efficiency in wealth accumulation through saving plans available to you and set benchmarks to guide you towards your goal. When company stock is part of your compensation we help you develop a strategic plan for maximizing its after tax value to you being keenly aware of the risk a growing concentration brings to your personal wealth. We also address other financial issues in retirement, such as health care expenses and long-term care needs that may arise.

Quantifying the impact that a major decision today or a repetitive small change will have on your long range plans can help you set priorities.